Andrew Mimault's Reading List
Andrew Mimault's Reading List
Check out my reading list to see what I am currently reading and my thoughts on books I have completed.
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Below is a list of what I am currently reading. I have divided the list into three sections: books that are in progress, books on hold that I plan to read in the near future, and books I have completed.


At any given time I am reading 2-3 books. I like to keep a rotation and many times I am reading on a variety of different topics.


Any book with an asterisk is a personal favorite and is highly recommended. I do my best to give honest reviews on the books I read. I will continue to update this list on a monthly basis.


If you click on the titles below you will be able to quickly purchase them via Amazon; this is where I buy most of my books. Any local Goodwill is also a great source for finding cheap, quality reads.


If you see a book that interests you or you have questions, feel free to reach out to me. Let’s continue to learn & grow!

In Progress


  • The Creative Act: A Way of BeingIf you’re interested in living a creative life, read this book. It provides detailed insight into the creative process and lessons that can be applied to everyday life.


  • The Daily StoicShort excerpts from the stoic philosophers. Fun book, great for an introduction into a broad range of stoic philosophies. It is designed to be read at the pace of 1 page per day, making it easy to non feel overwhelmed by the concepts.


  • Leadership Strategy And Tactics – Overall I enjoyed Jocko’s perspective on leadership. It’s a pretty easy read and the solutions offered in the book are practical and common sense. I would rank it high among modern leadership books.


  • Start With Why – Great read. Inspiring ideas and thought provoking. I found myself highlighting almost every other page. For those familiar with the concept of finding one’s “why”, this book is a deep dive on the topic. I would put it on my list of must read books for leaders.



  • Hurt People Hurt People – Another great life changing read. If you are in any kind of mental duress or pain, this book will help you understand and make sense of past traumatic experiences in your life.







  • Hurricanes: A Memoir – Rick Ross drops some serious gems, gives insights into the music/entertainment industry, and defines for us all what makes one a BOSS. If you love hip-hop, gritty street tales, an American success story, and of course Ricky Rozay; this book will not disappoint!


  • How Successful People Think: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life – Quick read, only 121 pages, I thought it read almost like a quick reference guide. Many of the ideas put forth were ones that I was already familiar with, however I still found the information useful and thought Maxwell did a good job of outlining the various ways in which successful people think. Anyone looking to get inside the minds of the successful should read this book.





  • The Autobiography of Gucci Mane – If you love trap music as much as I love trap music (and I really love trap music), you will enjoy this. Easy and fun read. It tells the story of the birth of trap music from the perspective of one of the genres founders and pop culture icons. One of my favorite reads of 2018!





  • The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding * – A classic branding book. Timeless. Recommend for anyone in the media or marketing space (or anyone that wants to learn the foundations of brand building).





  • Serious Strength Training – Third Addition – Great instruction guide for beginning and veteran weight trainers combined. This book has great information and pictures that break down the most common and essential movements. All the exercises in this book are tried and true methods for building a solid physique.




  • The 48 Laws of Power – A controversial yet classic book on the darker side of human social psychology. The author uses real world and historical examples to illustrate the “laws” put forth. Some of the tactics may not translate as well in today’s world if put into action, but many still hold truth and relevancy.







On Hold